Lifesize DIY Mando Jet Pack Kit Screen Accurate Costume Prop

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Have you trained in the rising phoenix? If so it is time to take your costume to the next level!

This jet pack kit is the most screen accurate, and most cost effective kit available anywhere period! Other kits are poor quality, inaccurate, or simply crazy hard to build! Those are now troubles of the past!

This is a 3D printed DIY kit used to build your very own Mando jetpack. Since this is a kit it will require cleanup, assembly, resin coating, a little sanding, and paint. You will need modeling glue, resin, a little patience, and painting skills. More instructions can be found here.

We offer these sizes and styles:


Large 15" wide 16" tall
Medium 12.5" wide 14" tall
Small 10" wide 11" tall


These sizes include the rocket and thrusters.


Phoenix - Comes with bottom mount thrusters, and a small rocket as seen in the show. 

Bounty Hunter -  Comes with side mount thrusters, and a large rocket as traditionally worn by Boba Fett. 

The body for Din and Boba is based on files purchased from Michael Papa

Heavy - Comes with the pack, thrusters, and blaster hookup.   This kit is loosely based on files purchased from Marko Makaj


    This is fan art! This item is not licensed, and we are not associated with any brand.

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