Tarre Vizsla's Darksaber Kit for Mandalorian Costumes

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The Darksaber kit! 

"The Darksaber was an ancient and unique black-bladed lightsaber created by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian ever inducted into the Jedi Order, prior to 1019 BBY. The weapon was kept in the Jedi Temple after Vizsla's passing, but members of House Vizsla stole the saber in a conflict with the Jedi during the fall of the Old Republic. The Darksaber was passed down, generation to generation, by the ancestors of Pre Vizsla, who held onto the weapon even after the pacifist ideals of the New Mandalorians replaced the warrior ways of Mandalore." - sarwars.fandom.com

This is a 3D printed DIY kit used to build your very own Darksaber. Since this is a kit it will require cleanup, assembly, resin coating, a little sanding, and paint. You will need modeling glue, resin, a little patience, and painting skills. More instructions can be found here.

Saber Only - This option is for the darksaber parts kit only, It will ship with parts printed in silver.  

Saber with Stand - This option includes the detailed parts kit and a display stand for the darksaber.


This was designed by CaseStudyno8, and we are using these files with his permission. 

This is a fan interpretation! We are not associated with Star Wars, The Mandalorian or any other brand.

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