Saber Kit Instructions

Assembly instructions for the Wookie Scalper Saber Kit



All Other Kits

We are working on instruction pages for our other kits. In the meantime please use the  general instructions and the diagrams below to assemble your kit.

Refer to the diagrams below to make sure you have everything before you start.


In addition to the parts below you will need glue. We recommend Loctite Super Glue


  1. Carefully remove all support material, strings, blobs, or excess plastic using pliers or your choice of implements. Use a hobby knife to scrape off the excess bits where the supports touched the part. 
  2. Sand or trim any parts that do not easily fit together. This can be done with just about any sand paper and/or a hobby knife. Most of the connectors fit well, but due to thermal expansion, and the different specs between material types and colors, some may need a little work.
  3. If you break a connector, trim the excess and use the remaining section. If it is too short you may simply glue the parts together without the connector. 
  4. If you break another part of the kit most of the time you can simply glue it together and continue the build. If you cannot please contact us
  5. Use a heat gun after cleanup to close small gaps in the walls, on the connecting ends to make them flush, and to remove white spots or strings. The heat gun is you friend!
  6. When you are ready to assemble the kit use glue at each joint to secure the kit. Use the diagrams below to see where each part fits together.





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