3D Printed Digital Sundial by 3D Cauldron

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  • Allows you to adjust for Daylight Savings Time!
  • Shows a digital read out of the time! WITH numbers!!
  • Displays time from 10:00 to 1600 and will update every 20 minutes.
  • No Batteries No Motor No Electronics Required!!
  • Position the sundial so the tip of the gnomen (the rounded side) is at "True North" and let the sundial do the rest!
You’d think there was magic going on from the inside! But what it really is..is a super-fancy shadow show.
The shape was mathematically designed so that with the right amount of light and the correct position, you'll get to see an actual time in the sundial's shadow!

For brighter display results, try to set where the angle between the ground and the gnomen (rounded side) are: 
In Fall and Winter: Latitude + 10
In Spring and Summer: Latitude - 10

This item is 3D printed. Due to the material used for 3D printed items, it is not recommended or meant to be left outside in uncontrolled weather. 

Please contact us for questions.