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Boba Fett Bounty Hunter Armor BOBF | Scaled to Fit!

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We have meticulously poured through every detail in an effort to make the most accurate BOBF armor available!

The set features a standard sized chest display for use with various electronics suppliers. The back plate has an accurate mounting system compatible with our jetpacks.  

This set includes:






Shoulders (Includes padding)


You will need the following hardware to for the backplate mounting system.

2x M5x25 Screws 

2x M5 Nuts

2x M3x20 Screws

2X M3x25 Screws

4x M3 Nuts

Unless otherwise stated the kit includes the 3D Printed parts only.

This is a 3D printed physical DIY kit. Since this is a Do it Yourself kit it will require cleanup, assembly, filling, sanding, and paint.

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This is fan art! This item is not licensed from, and we are not associated with, any brand.