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New Boba Fett Jetpack from BOB

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Boba Fett Jetpack

We have included some filament to secure the rocket fins. You may choose to replace it with something metal such as a coat hanger..
When installing the rocket fins, insert the filament or other pin and trim it so that it is flush. 

To secure the thrusters slide the thruster onto the thruster mount. Then insert the filament into the channel inside the thruster nozzle. Trim the excess, but leave some extra for later dissasembly. This prevents the thruster from falling off but allows it to spin.



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This is our version of the new Boba Fett jetpack from the Book of Boba. Its accurate and functional!

It features moving rocket fins, and thrusters. The back can be removed to insert electronics, and there are channels for wiring. The channels go to the beacon, side led panel, and to the thrusters.

The mounting system interfaces with our backplate using the screen accurate mounts seen in the show.

There is not a more accurate version available period! If you find any inaccuracies let us know and we will push updates!

This is a 3D printed physical DIY kit. Since this is a Do it Yourself kit it will require cleanup, assembly, filling, sanding, and paint.

License: Our items are for personal use only! Our physical items may not be cast, molded, 3D scanned, nor copied in any manner. Our digital items, such as 3D models, images, videos, textual content may not be copied, shared, nor transferred in any manner. You may not sell prints, casts, nor profit from our work in any way. You may resell physical 3D printed items purcased from us, and finished products made from physical kits purcased from us. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a commercial license.  

This is fan art! This item is not licensed from, and we are not associated with, any brand.