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BOBF Bounty Hunter EE-3 Blaster with Moving Parts | DIY Parts Kit

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To install the moving trigger you will need a 4mm pen spring. Insert the spring into the hole in the trigger. Place the front rounded part of the trigger into the main body, then press the back side until it snaps in.

Use the exploded view video for part location. Pause the video and use the progress bar slider to seek to specific points.

General instructions can be found here.

This is the new EE-3. It is full size and screen accurate!

Our kit is based on Markos files but we have made edits to make for a cleaner print and easier assembly. We have added a moving trigger, crosshairs in the scope as well as an orange safety plug.

This detailed kit comes in silver, black, and brown.

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 Based on a Design by Mystery Makers

Unless otherwise stated the kit includes the 3D Printed parts only.

This is a 3D printed physical DIY kit. Since this is a Do it Yourself kit it will require cleanup, assembly, filling, sanding, and paint.

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