Din Djarin Disintigrator Blaster DIY Kit | Life Size for Mandalorian Cosplay

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Behold the DIY Din Djarin Disintigrator rifle kit!  Be the envy of every cos-player hence forth, and for all time!

This is a DIY kit used to build your very own Mando rifle. Since this is a kit it will require a little sanding, painting, cleanup, and assembly. You will need modeling glue, a little patience, and mad painting skills. Instructions can be found here.

We offer two options:

  1. Multi Colored - The kit will ship with parts colored brown, black, and silver as shown. Great if you don't want to paint it! We take a little extra time with this kit since it may be used unpainted. 
  2. Solid Random - The kit will be produced in a random color, or colors. Great option if you are painting it! Since this is the economy version, we print it fast and with larger print lines than our other kits. Since our kits are designed to be coated with resin the larger print lines do not make finishing more difficult. 


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