Heavy Infantry Mandalorian Armor Kit

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We are happy to offer the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian armor kit!

This kit is the most screen accurate, and most cost effective kit available anywhere period! Other kits are poor quality, inaccurate, or simply crazy hard to build! Those are now troubles of the past!

Our  armor is sized to fit the average adult male. This armor typically comes in grey however we may substitute other colors.

Each set will take about 3 days to ship, expect 2 weeks or more for a full set!

The Sets

Heavy Blaster - This set comes with all of the parts  needed to make a full size heavy infantry blaster. The blaster has a moving trigger suitable for use with a micro switch. It also has a moving button, thumb stick an handle.
There are channels for wiring, and the body of the blaster is hollowed to allow for electronics.

Chain - This set comes with 24 chain links and blaster side parts.  

Chest and Back - This set comes with the chest and back plates, chest accessories, and shoulder strap covers.

Stomach and Cod - This set comes with the 2 stomach plates, and the cod piece.

Shoulders - This set comes with left and right shoulder pauldrons and upper arm plates.

Arms - This set comes with left and right elbows, gauntlets and hand guards.

Thighs - This set comes with left and right thighs.

CalvesThis set comes with left and right calves.

Knees and Feet - This set comes with left and right knees, ankle plates, and foot armor.

Helmet - This set comes with the the helmet only.

Accessories - This set comes with the flame thrower, vibroblade, and belt accessories.

Jet Pack - This set is for the jet pack only. Chain is not included. 

Everything - This set comes with everything listed above. 

Armor Only - This set comes with everything above except the jet pack, blaster and chain.


This is a 3D printed DIY kit used to build your very own kit. Since this is a kit it will require cleanup, assembly, resin coating, a little sanding, and paint. You will need modeling glue, resin, a little patience, and painting skills. More instructions can be found here.

This kit is based on files purchased from Marko Makaj

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