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Black Krrsantans' Knuckle Dusters

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Black Krrsantans' knuckle dusters are feared throughout the galaxy!

The physical kit is a set of two, and we will scaled them to your needs. 

Please send the width of your hand measured at the your knuckles, and the diameter of your thickest finger. 

License: Our items are for personal use only! Our physical items may not be cast, molded, 3D scanned, nor copied in any manner. Our digital items, such as 3D models, images, videos, textual content may not be copied, shared, nor transferred in any manner. You may not sell prints, casts, nor profit from our work in any way. You may resell physical 3D printed items purchased from us, and finished products made from physical kits purchased from us. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a commercial license.  

This is fan art! This item is not licensed from, and we are not associated with, any brand.