Mando Blaster Kit Life Size Screen Accurate Costume Prop

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We are proud to offer the 3D printed Mando blaster kit! 

So you have your full size Disintigrator rifle, and a tracking FOB, yet it feels like you are missing something... This blaster will fill the void! 

This kits will make a 1:1 scale, screen accurate blaster.

THIS IS NOT A TOY! This kit is designed for serious cosplayers, or prop builders, it is not a beginners kit!!

This is a 3D printed DIY kit. Since this is a DIY kit it will require cleanup, trimming, sanding, assembly, resin coating, a little more sanding, and paint. You will need modeling glue, resin, a little patience, and painting skills.

More instructions can be found here:

The detailed parts kit will ship with parts colored brown, black, silver, gold ect.
We offer two options:

Large - This kit is 1:1 scale as seen on screen.

Small - The small kit is scaled down to 85%

Check this link for instructions, sales, and more kits!

This blaster was designed by Straeker, and we are using these files with his permission.

This is a fan interpretation! This item is not licensed, and we are not associated with any brand.

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