Din Djarin Blaster Kit | Life Size | Screen Accurate for Mandalorian Cosplay

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We are proud to offer the 3D printed Din Djarin blaster kit! 

So you have your full size Disintigrator rifle, and a tracking FOB, yet it feels like you are missing something... This blaster will fill the void! 

This is a 3D printed DIY kit used to build your very own Mando blaster. Since this is a kit it will require cleanup, assembly, resin coating, a little sanding, and paint. You will need modeling glue, resin, a little patience, and mad painting skills. More instructions can be found here.

We offer two options:

  1. Multi Colored Kit - The detailed parts kit will ship with parts colored brown, black, silver, and gold.  Great if you don't want to paint it! We take a little extra time with this kit since it may be used unpainted. 
  2. White Kit - The detailed parts kit will be shipped in solid white. Great option if you are painting it! 


This blaster was designed by Straeker, and we are using these files with his permission. 

This is a fan interpretation! We are not associated with Star Wars, The Mandalorian or any other brand.

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