Lulzbot Taz 5 Wifi Dual Color 3D Printer 1.75mm E3dv6 Hotend +1 Roll +Webcam +PI

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This is a modified Lulzbot upgraded to Taz 5. It comes with a Raspberry Pi print server and an HD webcam.
Print from wifi, ethernet, usb or sd!

It has 2 1.75mm original e3dv6 hotends, but I will also include 2 3mm hexagon hotends, and the parts for the original direct drive extruder.
It has a removable glass bed, and I have a second bed for it. The 2nd bed has a crack but the heater still works.
The case has a spot for a raspberry pi print server, but I will include the original cover as well. 

We have been using this printer but it has the following defects.
- Missing extruder tube clips
- The extruder tubes get pulled down into the extruder during retraction, we temporarily fixed it with black tape. It needs a different extruder printed for it.

Possibly more...

I will also include one roll of filament so you can print the parts you need.

Since we are selling this as is we will not accept returns.