Offensive Fridge Magnets | Part of the Offensive Expressions Collection

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Do you know a douche bag? Perhaps you live next to some snowflake jerkwad? Maybe just hate everyone? If so then these fridge magnets are the perfect item for you!

The offensive expressions collection was designed for those who are a little off. Everybody has inspirational quotes hanging around the house. 

"Live Laugh Love", "Family", "Never Give Up", blah blah blah... 

We think you should give up! Go fuck yourself, you're a twinkle twat, and we know it! That's why we created The Offensive Expressions Collection just for you. Its a way to channel that inner cunt without going to jail!

If you would like a custom expression you can go to hel.. Oh wait, just choose "Custom Expression" and select a color, you nimble weed.

Put your expression in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER section in the cart.

No typos, typos are for losers!  We have a limit of 15 characters so your panzy ass won't get greedy!

If you want a custom font or more characters sent us a message first. We might respond if we decide to.

Oh if you make a typo we will send it to you!