inBox Scene Instructions

Thank you for ordering our inBox Scenes! You can find more scenes here!


Lets take your POP to the next level!

 Your inBox Scene should come with:

1 clip

2 LEDs

1 left wall

1 back wall

1 floor

1 bottom spacer




CAUTION: ONLY FOR STANDARD 3.5” x 4.5” x 6.25” BOXES! Be careful when inserting the base! The base should fit standard 3.5 x.4.5 boxes well, however if you get it stuck do not try to force it. This could damage your box! If this happens trim the corners of the base with a hobby knife until it fits well.


NOTE about LEDs: 2 LEDs (#2) are included to light your scene. If you have a transparent floor we suggest placing one led under the base to be secured by the bottom spacer cutout. For solid floors we suggest placing both LEDs on the clip (#1). You can switch the direction of the LED to cast light in your scene in different ways. To turn on LEDS unscrew the battery cover, remove the paper protector, screw the battery cap back on tightly.


Assembly Instructions

  1. Open the top of your box and remove the insert and pop.

  2. Insert the bottom spacer (#6) in the bottom of the box.

  3. Place the floor (#5) on the box on top of the bottom spacer.

  4. Place the left wall (#3) in the box on top of the floor.

  5. Place your POP in the box.

  6. Install the LEDs (#2) into the clip.

  7. Place the clip (#1) on to the back wall #4 as shown in the diagram.

  8. Slide the back wall (#4) into the box behind the pop.

  9. The clip arm (#1) should rest on the POPs head.

  10. Close the box and enjoy!



Contact us with any questions.