Rifle Instructions

Thanks for ordering the Mando Rifle Kit.  Checkout our other Cosplay items here!


This item is a DIY kit and as such assembly is required. Painting is optional!


Please make sure you have everything before you start.

NOTE: While the kit can be assembled without them it is recommended that you purchase 3mm rods to reinforce the kit. You can find some HERE.
In addition to the parts above you will need glue. We recommend Loctite Super Glue



The rods are used to align the parts and to add strength to each joint. You may need to ream out the holes a little to allow the rods to fit. Once the holes are reamed set the rods aside. 
Each joint will need to fit flush. Some joints may have a little texture or may be slightly curled near the edges.
    • For the textured joints we recommend that you tape a piece of sandpaper to a table and sand the part by sliding it over the sandpaper. This makes for a nice flat edge. Use a sanding block on areas you cannot table sand.
    • On joints that are flat but the edges are curled up we recommend heating the part with a hair dryer or heatgun.  -----> (!!! CAUTION: If you get it too hot it will melt!!!!) Slightly heat the joint by quickly moving the dryer back and fourth over the area. You want to soften the plastic but not melt it. Once the joint is soft press the parts edge firmly to a flat surface, and hold until cool. This will make the joint flat, and allow the glue to adhere.
    Once the joints are all flush you are ready to assemble.  Put a little glue in each hole and on the mating surface of each joint.  Insert the pins and glue each part together as shown in the diagram above. 


      We recommend painting the kit after assembly!

      To get a nice finish you will need to take care of the print lines. This can be done in one of two ways. 

      1. Sanding - It is possible to finish the kit with several iterations of sanding, priming, and then sanding again. This is the fun way, but we don't recommend you have that much fun!
      2. Resin Coating - The best way to finish our kits is to coat them with resin. This allows for smooth surfaces, adds a significant amount of strength to the prop, and can even add a little weight.
      • We recommend XTC-3D. It is a resin specifically formulated to coat 3D printed parts and it makes for easy sanding. One box is enough for many projects. XTC-3D is our go to when finishing any 3D printed item! All of our kits were designed to be used with resin not sanded and primed!
      • Many people have had success coating with UV resin. UV resin cures in the sunlight and so there is no need for messy mixing. The cure time is faster, however you may need more than one coat as UV resin is thinner than XTC. In addition you may need to wash the part after curing. We have not used UV resin, so please search the forums and groups for tips and tricks.