Wookie Scalper Saber Kit Instructions

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This item is a DIY kit and as such assembly is required. Painting is optional!


Please make sure you have everything before you start.

In addition to the parts above you will need glue. We recommend Loctite Super Glue


  1. Carefully remove all support material, strings, blobs, or excess plastic using pliers or your choice of implements. Use a hobby knife to scrape off the excess bits where the supports touched the part. 
  2. Sand part number 5 such that it will fit easily into part 6
  3. Remove any strings, or excess from the threaded sections to ensure a nice fit. If you break the threaded connector, trim the excess and thread the remaining section in. If it is too short you may simply glue the part back together. 
  4. Use a heat gun after cleanup to close small gaps in the walls, on connectors to make them flush, and to remove white spots.
  5. When you are ready to assemble the kit use glue at each joint to secure the kit. The following video shows how to assemble the kit.