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Rocketeer Jetpack | Full Size Wearable Jet Pack | Raw DIY Kit

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General instructions can be found here.

This is the iconic jetpack from the rocketeer!

Our jetpack kit comes with a mounting plate you can use with straps, or it can be used with one of the accurate leather mounting vests available online.

Expect 1-2 weeks for production.

We offer two sizes:

Large is meant to be screen accurate and is best for adults.

Small is scaled to 70% and is best for children or smaller adults.

You will need the following hardware to complete the kit.


4 M4X16 screws for the mount plate
4 M3x12-18 flap mount
2 M3x25 tapered head
2 M3 nuts
8 M3 x 12
Tubing about 4.5mm ID about 5' long


4 M3X12 screws for the mount plate
4 M2x10-14 flap mount
2 M2x18 tapered head
2 M2 nuts
8 M2 x 8
Tubing about 4mm ID about 4' long

The screw holes are intentionally small to ensure a snug fit. You may need to drill them out a little.

Our kit is based on a design by drokle

Unless otherwise stated the kit includes the 3D Printed parts only.

This is a 3D printed physical DIY kit. Since this is a Do it Yourself kit it will require cleanup, assembly, filling, sanding, and paint.

License: Our items are for personal use only! Our physical items may not be cast, molded, 3D scanned, nor copied in any manner. Our digital items, such as 3D models, images, videos, textual content may not be copied, shared, nor transferred in any manner. You may not sell prints, casts, nor profit from our work in any way. You may resell physical 3D printed items purchased from us, and finished products made from physical kits purchased from us. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a commercial license.  

This is fan art! This item is not licensed from, and we are not associated with, any brand.